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Pagination Setting

Pagination is defined by :posts-per-page option in _config.clj.
Page filename can be customized with :post-filename-format.

 ;; post number per page
 ;;   default value: nil (disabled pagination)
 :posts-per-page 5

 ;; filename format to generate index file with pagination
 ;;   default value: "page$(page)/$(filename)"
 ;;     @page    : page number(1..N)
 ;;     @filename: front page's filename
 ;;     @name    : filename without last extension
 ;;     @ext     : file's last extension
 :post-filename-format "page$(page)/$(filename)"

Pagination links

If pagination is enabled, site variable contains :next-page and :prev-page.

; link to next page
(if-let [url (:next-page site)]
  (link "next page" url))

; link to previous page
(if-let [url (:prev-page site)]
  (link "prev page" urj))

If you want to specify front page's filename, define :index-template-regexp in _config.clj.

 ;; default value is #"^index\."
 :index-template-regexp #"^frontpage\.html\.clj"

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